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October 07, 2006


Viva/Yvonne LaRose

How many opportunities lost does a company experience by forcing the casual inquiry or the informational inquiry to apply for a job? And it makes me wonder what would have happened if, perhaps, you told your contact that the person you'd referred to him was a kep contact in a potential supplier corporation or the contact person for VC opportunities.

Networking does not always go to the socially well heeled. It's getting connected with people at all rungs and developing a relationship with them, trust and confidence. It's only then (after they've become acquainted with the person and the character they project on a consistent basis) that they will venture into recommending either for an internal opportunity by introducing them to the HR coordinator or else referring to the friend at a corporation that is looking for just such a talent. So it's a matter of being a knowledgeable professional that makes networking work.

I guess your associate doesn't belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

I haven't had time to read and understand the new OFCCP regs. But if holding to those standards pushes all of our relationships into formally applying for a job in order to establish any type of business relationship, it seems the pendulum has swung too far.

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