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December 28, 2006


Kirsten Dixson

Hi George, I'm not sure whether to thank you for your comments on Brandego or not. ;-) You used some pretty powerful words. I have a real beef with your post title (pun intended) as it relates to our clients. We certainly aren't making stuff up about them just for sizzle, but rather showcasing their authentic, substantive personal brands in a cohesive and professional way that will resonate with their target audience. They have also reported great feedback and results, and that's what really matters. I originated the idea of Brandego because there weren't any decent online identity options for my own career coaching clients. What bothered me the most were the "portfolio" sites that didn't have one iota of proof of performance (isn't that what a portfolio is all about?). Brandego projects are the result of a very labor intensive process that is grounded in our solid career-management expertise, personal branding training from Reach (the global leader - same as Wendy Terwelp), and quality design and programming talent. We spend the vast majority of each project on the branding and content, and then the design and programming are relatively easy. Design is an important part of what we offer, however, since it provides an opportunity to communicate something about a client's brand on a deeper, visual level. And, clearly the designs get us and our clients noticed!

Quite often we collaborate with clients who want to build their own websites or blogs but want help with defining their personal brands. With the ease of blogs and other DIY options, we must continue to be more about the message than the medium.

Kirsten Dixson
Founding Partner
Web Portfolios & Blogs for Career and Personal Brand Management

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I’m going to “happen” this year and not let life just happen to be. I’m going to be focused.

This isn’t a resolution. This is a promise.

I started my blog already!

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