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February 24, 2007


Susan Kennedy

I just read an article on venture beat about a new employment technology that matches a person's unqiue set of skills with open jobs. May want to read the article -

Resume Help

Interesting article!

As with many situations, it's important that you think about all the players want out of the situation, how each player defines success, and who the "customer" is. If your soon-to-be-ex employer has offered you outplacement services, the company is the ultimate customer of the service provider, not you. The goals may be the same, but as the article points out, they may not. If you hire a career coach, you're the customer, and your success is the coach's success.

Definitely worth considering.

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C. Carteaux

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Interesting article on outplacement.

I'd like to outplace a few Bankers and their property developer buddies to the middle of Siberia.

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